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Remember Our Military on the National Day of Prayer

Guideposts blogger Edie Melson offers ways to pray for our military on the National Day of Prayer.

How to pray for our military and their families on the National Day of Prayer

I love the fact that our country comes together one day a year to pray. (This year National Prayer Day is Thursday, May 4.)

It’s perfect time to remember our military men and women—along with their families. But we often don’t know what, exactly, to pray for them beyond the usual requests for protection and comfort. Those are great starting points, but I’m going to give you some ideas to take your prayers deeper:

Prayers for Military Personnel

Physical Health
So often they’re in different environments and eating less than healthy meals. Their sleep cycles are disrupted. They’re exposed to different viruses and germs.

When deployed, our troops are separated from those they love most, and that’s tough. Beyond that, they may be with colleagues they don’t know well. This can cause a great deal of stress, especially if they’re not natural extroverts. For those overseas and at home, working within the command system requires a lot of patience and grace.

There are lots of stressors within the military life, from low pay to life-threatening job situations. Ask God to address each burden our military personnel carries.

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Prayers for Military Families

Raising a family on a military income can be tough. Add to that the requirements of relocation, and the burden can become overwhelming.

Of course we pray for families to stay connected to their soldiers. But family members also need to ask for help from those around them at home, when needed. It’s so easy to have a bunker mentality and retreat from a community that can help.

Worry is part of loving someone in the military. But it can lead to obsessing about every possible outcome, if we let it. Pray for families to find help in handing over their worries to God.

Prayers are the most powerful thing we can offer to ensure that all the needs of our military men and women are met. Join me on this National Prayer Day in asking God to bless all our military in specific ways.

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