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First Things First

“Get up and eat, for the journey is too much for you.”—1 KINGS 19:7 NIV

Elijah’s work had dragged him down physically. One time, he was so exhausted that he begged God to take his life.

It’s interesting to note what God didn’t do for Elijah in response to that prayer: God didn’t kill Elijah, nor did He say, “Stop your whining and get back to work.” The first thing God did was send an angel to attend to Elijah’s physical needs. In His wisdom, God knew that Elijah wouldn’t see his situation clearly until he was nourished and well-rested.

When the demands of our lives become too much, it’s tempting to stop right where we are and beg God to release us from our circumstances. And on those days, the best prescription may well be a nourishing meal or a good night’s sleep. It’s amazing what those things can do to revive our souls.

As caregivers, caring for our own physical needs should be high on our priority list. Are there extra things in the schedule we can eliminate so we can get more sleep? Would a little planning allow us to eat more healthily?

Ask God for wisdom to evaluate your lifestyle and, if necessary, the steps you should take to sustain your physical well-being. It may take some up-front effort, but the dividends will be well worth it.

Father, I thank You for the relief You provide when the journey is too much for me. Teach me to eat well and get enough rest and to care for this physical body You’ve given me.

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