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How God Provides Your Greatest Needs

She almost broke a promise, but a few heaven-sent birds flew in to keep her on track.

A bird with a french fry in its beak
Credit: winhorse
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‘So then, don’t be afraid. I will provide for you and your children.’ And he reassured them and spoke kindly to them. —Genesis 50:21

Going low-carb made me a little mean, a little self-pitying, and a little deprived-feeling. In a weak moment, I went to the fast-food restaurant that made my favorite french fries. My mouth watered as I walked out of that restaurant with my steaming bag of fries, ready to plow through them in the privacy of my car. while I was carrying that paper bag to my vehicle, I tripped.

The fries flew into the air, and every single one landed like pickup sticks on the pavement. In my mind, I had tasted those fries, especially after depriving myself of carbs for weeks. And now…they were gone.

As I thought about buying another supersize bag of fries, I became distracted by the flocks of birds of all different colors, shapes, and sizes that swooped in quickly. Each bird took off with a fry in its beak, perhaps flying off to feed its babies, in addition to itself. There were so many birds that, soon, every single french fry was gone.

As I stood amazed at the bounty they had received, I thought about how God provides for the birds. I began to thank God in that moment not only for provisions but also for helping me with my self-control. I had promised myself and God to eat a better diet and become healthier. When I was about to stumble, He helped me with keeping that promise. He fed the birds. And I left that parking lot without my french fries but with a stronger commitment to pursue health with God’s hand.

Give God your toughest needs. Allow Him to provide when that need is greatest.

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