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Our Christmas Present in August: Angels, Miracles and More

We’ve just wrapped up work on our third annual holiday publication celebrating the joy of Christmas.

Boy, have we got a Christmas present for you!

We’ve just wrapped up our work on GuidepostsThe Joys of Christmas 2011, our third annual holiday publication.

We wrapped up the issue and tied it in a big red shiny satin bow!

The stories this year can’t be beat, as we celebrate the joy of traditions, the joy of children, the joy of miracles (you’ll find an angel story in this section!) and the joy of holiday cooking (yum).

We’ve got poems and recipes, an all-new Advent calendar, some Guideposts Christmas classics and a never-been-told story by Edward Grinnan, editor-in-chief of Guideposts and author of The Promise of Hope.

Of course you’ll also get brand-new Mysterious Ways, What Prayer Can Do and even a peek at a Daily Guideposts 2012 devotional (it’s by Rick Hamlin, Guideposts executive editor, and you’ll love it).

If I say any more, I’m going to give away all the fun.

But that’s just how it is, with those presents under the tree. You just have to wait to open them!

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