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The Amazing Return of an Angel Pin

The mysterious sign of a guardian angel

Garage sale

I don’t write about angels too often (I leave that to my Angels on Earth colleagues!). But recently something angelic happened that I just have to share.

Two weeks ago, my sisters and I went to my parents’ house for Father’s Day weekend. I was feeling under the weather. I had just started a new treatment for my multiple sclerosis. It’s a really great medication, but the first month on it has been kind of rough. Especially when you throw in the crazy allergy season we’ve been having here in New York.

Anyway, that Saturday, my mom and aunts had organized a garage sale at our church. My dad, sister and I went to check it out. I’m a big jewelry person, so I walked straight up to the “jewelry table” where there was an assortment of necklaces and jewelry boxes. Nothing caught my eye. So I browsed the other tables and then headed back to find my mom. I passed by the jewelry table again and looked down once more. That’s when I saw it. A tiny gold pin at the edge of the table.

I picked it up. It was a guardian angel in a circle of diamonds. Where in the world had it come from? I was pretty sure it wasn’t there when I’d first stopped at the table. It was like it had just appeared out of nowhere for me to find!

That experience would’ve been amazing enough on its own. Except that that’s not the first time something like that has happened to me. Back in 8th grade, I was about to take a science test and was completely freaking out. I was a good student, but science wasn’t my forte. In the midst of my panicking, though, I heard it. A light thud. Something had fallen onto my desk. I glanced down and saw a gold pin on my test paper. A guardian angel.

I was floored. It was so clearly a sign from God. That He was with me, through thick and thin.

Then and now. To find another pin, some 20 years later, when I was in need of a pick-me-up? Just incredible.

What about you? Have you ever gotten a sign from God? Share your story below! 

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