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True Miracles at Work

Get inspired by these true miracles in the lives of Guideposts readers.

Inspiring stories of true miracles

We recently asked you on our Guideposts Facebook page if you’ve witnessed any miracles lately. You shared some incredibly inspiring stories, many about the healing of health issues. God’s mercy, God’s grace and God’s love are truly at work in your lives! 

Maribeth Uhlenhopp says, “My mother was supposed to die within six months of her very rare and aggressive cancer diagnosis. She lived 17 years! She was present for my wedding and the birth of my first child!” 

Another amazing story comes from Stacie Moody, who says, “My parents were told to make funeral arrangements when I was born 46 and a half years ago. I am now a social worker who helps children and families. And I get to see my grandson, Aiden. God is so awesome!” 

Lea Sevilla Macaraeg is celebrating her sister’s recovery from  myasthenia gravis. And Karen McMillian tells us that by all rights she should be in a persistent vegetative state, “but by God I awoke from a 39-day coma; I should not be talking or walking, but thank God I am doing both (kind of).” 

Phyllis Belcher Jennings is grateful to be getting around: Every day is a miracle for me. I have severe rheumatoid arthritis and two very, very bad knees The doctor is amazed I am even able to walk!” 

Sometimes we experience many miracles in a lifetime, as has Evelyn Kraemer. “A friend from church went for cancer surgery on his throat. Afterward, the doctor came in with a report in his hand and kept repeating in a shocked manner, ‘There is no cancer!’ After a week in the hospital, he is back serving in our church. Miracles are happening in Tampa, Florida.” 

Kraemer continues: “My son was born with a condition called thanatophoric (meaning “death-bringing”) dwarfism. We were told he would only live minutes. He did not cry at birth. They put a tube down his throat to help him breathe and put him on a machine. One nurse told me he would never get off the machine. 

“But God had other plans. He got off the machine, he was trached, had a g-tube placed and was sent home after six months in the hospital. He will turn six years old this August. If I ever forget that miracles happen, I only have to look as far as my living room into the face of my smiling, laughing, happy son.” 

Not all ailments—or recoveries—are physical; Donna Walker Oleary says, “My friend who has had a broken heart over her father’s passing was healed of that broken heart at church. She had suffered from this for many, many years. God is so good all the time!” 

When tough times hit, miracles are especially welcome. ”Three years post layoff, God gives us our daily bread,” shares Randy Krusee

“Hubby’s car broke down on the way to work about a month or so ago,” says Nikki and Sammy Bandy. “We took his car to get fixed and had $155 put up to pay the mechanic. A few days later, I noticed there was a transfer for $100 to my checking account. We have no idea where it came from, but later that day the mechanic called: He had found the problem, got the right part and fixed it. With that extra $100, we had $255 for it. The mechanic bill was $254.03. Definitely a God-sent miracle!” 

A miracle can be pure joy, as witnessed by Jeanne Maudsley Fewkes: “Last week I looked at my new granddaughter for the first time!” 

When all is said and done, Jane Stites sums it up for all of us: Every day is a miracle!” 

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