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Reunited for a Reason

It didn’t make sense to interview for a job so far from home. But when I got there, I felt God’s love and knew why He had sent me.

Mysterious Ways

I was excited to interview for a position at a nearby cancer center as part of my graduate program in social work. But my academic advisor had other plans. She sent me to an interview at a major medical center downtown—an hour-and-a-half away! How would I have enough time for my family and classes with a commute that long? It seemed pointless to go.

“Just check it out,” she said. So I braved the traffic—which was worse than I expected—parked and waited in the lobby.

My mind wandered to the only time I’d ever been to that hospital. It was several years before when my brother Woody’s fiancée, Stacey, underwent two kidney transplants. She’d been so strong. Through her surgeries and dialysis, Woody stayed by her side.

Two years after her last transplant, Woody died unexpectedly. We were all heartbroken. I rarely saw Stacey after that.

“Meg,” I heard someone say. I thought maybe it was the receptionist calling me for my interview. I looked up.

It was Stacey!

I flung my arms around her. “It’s so good to see you!” I said. 

Stacey explained she was there for a checkup—doctors feared her body was rejecting her kidney. I could tell she was hurting but she was as brave as I’d remembered. We embraced once more before I left. Stacey smiled broadly. “It’s amazing to see you,” she said. “Good luck on your interview.”

The position turned out not to be what I was looking for. But back home, I got an email from Stacey. 

“I want you to know that I think about Woody every day,” she said. “And when I came to the hospital today it really hit me that he wouldn’t be by my side. I think Woody knew that too. That’s why he sent me his little sister.”         

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