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Danger in the Water

She couldn’t get to the surface. Was she going to drown?

very large ocean wave

“Race you to the water!” my cousin Emily yelled.

My cousins Emily, Meridel, Hannah and I were at the beach, having a blast on our family vacation. The four of us splashed into the ocean and started swimming, and pretty soon we were in water up to our chests.

Suddenly, Meridel and Hannah screamed, “Wave!”

I looked up to see a huge wave coming right at me. Wham! It slammed into me and swept me under before I even had time to take a breath.

The water was chilly before, but now it felt like I’d been pushed into a pool of ice cubes. I kicked my feet like crazy and paddled with my arms, trying to get to the surface, but I couldn’t tell which way was up! The salty water burned my nostrils. My lungs ached.

I've got to take a breath! Please God don’t let me drown…

Then, suddenly, something grabbed hold of me…a warm, firm grip around my body, lifting me toward the surface. I still couldn’t breathe, but a peaceful calm swept through me.

Splash! Finally, I popped up above the water and took a huge gulp of air. Thank God one of my cousins pulled me up! I turned around to see who’d saved me.

But the three of them were swimming toward me from so far away, there was no way they could have been my rescuers–and no other people were anywhere near me.


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