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God Touches Us After the Death of Loved Ones

God touches our hearts gently and says, “Pay attention, this is Me”—especially after the death of a loved one or friend.

Trudy Harris

Our Heavenly Father knows us well and stays with us all the days of our lives. Through great joys and sorrows He lets us know that He is near.

He touches our hearts gently and says, “Pay attention, this is Me.” In more ways than one can imagine, He does the same after the death of a loved one or friend. People write often to me about their experiences with His healing touch. I’d like to share but a few examples.

Caletta tells of asking her brother, the day before he died, to send her a butterfly as a sign. The day of the funeral, while she was following the hearse carrying his coffin, she watched a yellow butterfly fly past her mom and dad’s car and down the line of cars. She knew then that he was in a good place and at peace.

A mother writes of her daughter’s untimely death. In her mind’s eye, she saw her dancing with her dad, who had died before her. It brought the mother great peace.

Vickie writes about her dad’s habit of picking weeds in the front yard on his hands and knees. The night before he died, her brother gave him permission to go on to God if he was ready. He died a few hours later. While sitting on the front porch swing the next afternoon, Vickie saw two doves land on the front lawn and begin picking the weeds, just as her dad had done all his life. Although it happened 20 years ago, whenever she sees a dove, she remembers that her dad is at peace.

When Jesus tells us in scripture that He gives us a peace that the world cannot understand, this is the peace He is speaking about.

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