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The Voice

Angels are always around to guide us through our problems.

Have you ever heard a disembodied voice speak aloud outside your head? Not another person, but a voice? 

These are rare and dramatic occurrences, but they happen more frequently than you might think: A nurse suddenly hears an external voice call out, “Run! Check Room 12!” and finds the patient there has ripped out his life support. 

A woman wakes up in the middle of the night and hears, “You must leave. Get out!” Wide awake, unable to return to sleep, she wanders out on the lawn to look at the stars, just as an explosion rocks the empty house. 

Sometimes the voice brings not a warning but simple information. “You’re beautiful,” a young woman heard while talking to a man. She was shocked. Had she telepathically picked up his thought? Or had she spoken her own embarrassing words out loud to him? No matter—they were soon a couple.

A man reading his paper heard a voice speak out loud, “Beware the Bald Man.” He told his wife, and they pored over their friends, wondering who was bald enough to warrant such a warning. A year later his wife met the bald man whom she would marry years later after she and her husband divorced. She ran home and pounded on the bathroom door, where her husband was taking a shower. “I know who the bald man is!” she shouted over the running water. “Who is he?” “He’s in my Reiki class.” Already she was falling in love. Today the former husband jokes, “She left me for a bald man! I can’t believe it. For a man who’s bald!” 

One woman heard a voice saying, “Remember him! This is the man you’re going to marry.” Sometimes the information comes not as an external voice but a quiet inner knowing. “My sister is pregnant” before the sister herself even knows.

But what is going on? Is it your subconscious mind, your intuition? I like to think they are angels warning and helping us. 


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Sophy Burnham is the author of 12 books. She is best known for her ground-breaking books on the spiritual dimension of life, including A Book of Angels, The Ecstatic Journey and The Path of Prayer. She is a frequent public speaker and gives workshops worldwide.

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