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The Neighborly Angel Who Saved Christmas

When a young girl asks only for a candy cane that can’t be found, an angel brings the answer to a prayer.

A candy cane from an angelic neighbor brightened a young girl's Christmas.

Candy canes were supposed to be everywhere at Christmas. Yet I’d gone from store to store in a fruitless search.

The candy cane was for my four-year-old daughter, Carol. It was the only thing she’d asked for this Christmas. I was sure I could pick one up at the last minute. I was wrong.

“No luck?” my husband asked.

“Every store is sold out,” I said.

“She’ll have plenty of other presents.”

We’d gotten her a doll, a set of toy kitchen tools, puzzles and blocks. Still, it seemed wrong to not get her the one thing she’d asked for, especially something so small and seemingly simple to find.

God, I don’t know where else to try, I thought that night as I lay awake. I can’t bear to disappoint Carol. Could you… On the verge of asking God’s help, I stopped myself. The idea of praying for candy just seemed silly.

I would have to solve the candy cane problem on my own.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t. Christmas morning I still hadn’t found a candy cane. It was a simple gift, but wasn’t that what Christmas was all about?

Visitors arrived at the house, including the widower from next door. His suit was shabby, but well-pressed, and his bow tie was positively festive.

“I heard there was a little girl here today,” he said to Carol. He reached into an inside coat pocket and brought out a beautiful red-and-white striped candy cane.

God had brought me the candy cane I couldn’t find and answered the prayer that I couldn’t pray.


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