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Inexplicable Tips

A waiter serves a table of true earth angels.

A table of earth angels

I was at the bus stop, heading home after a long, busy night waiting tables at a steak house, when I realized I’d left behind my money pouch, with $70 worth of tips in it! I couldn’t afford to lose a night’s pay.

I ran back into the restaurant. There was no sign of my money. Just imagine you had the night off, I told myself. I’d try to forget about it.

The next night was even busier than the one before. I was already waiting on five tables at once, when an elderly couple, both snow white-haired, sat down in my section.

No matter how harried I was, I made sure to give them the best service I could. After their meal, I brought their check, thanked them for their patience and rushed off to greet my next customers.

The couple had left the table by the time I picked up their check. This isn’t right, I thought, counting the money they’d left for me. There was much more here than their fifty-five dollar check. Way too much for a tip. I counted it out. A hundred and twenty-five dollars!

Quickly, I turned around to look for the couple. They’d left the restaurant. I ran to the front door, but they weren’t outside. Finally, I went to the hostess. “Did you see that elderly couple you sat in my section leave?”

“What elderly couple?” the hostess said. “You were so busy, we didn’t seat anyone in your section, until just now.”

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