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Faith Is the Key

In this excerpt from Robert J. Morgan's Angels, a 20,000-to-1 chance comes to pass with the help of an angel.

Lost car keys

As Merle and Gloria Inniger traveled from Pakistan to America, they stopped in London for a few days, and somewhere along the way Merle managed to lock the doors of the rental cars and lose the keys.

It was Saturday afternoon, and no locksmiths answered the phone. The rental car company said they didn’t have a spare key.

Merle and Gloria panicked about missing their flight home. Two Christian friends came to commiserate, and the four bowed their heads and prayed for help.

As they finished, they looked up as a strange man approached. He offered his keys to them. The man explained that he owned a similar car and perhaps his keys would work.

Merle inserted the key into the door, but it was no match. On a lark, he walked around to the trunk. To his amazement, the key fit perfectly and the lid popped open. There on the floor of the trunk were his keys. They had apparently fallen earlier while he was taking something out.

“Praise the Lord!” everyone shouted as Merle grabbed the keys. But when he turned to thank the stranger, no one was in sight. They looked in all directions, but the man had vanished.

Later, Merle asked a locksmith about the chance of the man’s key fitting his trunk. It was about one in twenty thousand.

“An angel?” Merle later wondered. “I have always felt he must have been.”

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