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Even Turtles Must Have Guardian Angels

A Florida family learns that answers to prayers can take time.

An artist's rendering of a turtle

Our new house was perfect for everyone in my family—even our pet turtle, Squirt, who’d been living in a one-gallon tank. Once, our dog snatched him right out of it. Luckily the only damage was a small v-shaped chunk taken out of Squirt’s shell.

Squirt would be much happier in the one-hundred-gallon pond outside our new place. The kids could visit him there whenever they wanted. “Here you go,” my son, Josh, said as he put Squirt on the ground.

The whole family watched Squirt waddle over to the edge of the pond and paddle into the water. Each day when I left the house I checked on Squirt in his pond. Then one morning Squirt was gone!

“He must have wandered off!” I said. The kids were heartbroken. We searched the yard for days with no luck. Squirt was never coming back. “We’ll just have to ask the angels to watch over him,” I told Josh.

Years went by. We had other pets. Our new house became a home. One evening my husband, Paul, and I were coming back from a walk when we saw a turtle cross our path. I couldn’t help but think of Squirt as Paul scooped it up to save it from traffic.

“Look at this!” he said. There it was—a small v-shape piece was missing from the shell!


God’s angels had done much more than watch over our pet turtle. They’d brought him home!

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