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Angels in the Work Place

During a hospital stay, an anxious patient encounters a host of Earth angels dressed in medical scrubs and nurses’ uniforms.

God's angels in the work place.

Recently, I experienced something that I thought couldn’t or wouldn’t happen until I was much older. It all began when I started having pains in my chest that led to the hospital where I was told I needed to have a cardiac catheterization. It was my first time staying overnight in a hospital since my childhood, and I had concerns. What type of care would I receive?  How would the procedure go?

While staying in the hospital, I discovered some of God’s angels on Earth. I arrived at the hospital in pain, but the medical team was full of compassionate and professional individuals. Each staff member made a lasting impression; touching me with their caring spirit and desire to help me get well. Lori, a nurse of 30 years from the Philippines came to the United States to work. After several unsuccessful attempts to reduce my pain, she ensured me that she wouldn’t leave my side until the next phase of care took place, and she didn’t.  

Matthew, a young nurse in his mid-30s was another individual who looked out for me. Coincidently, the meaning of the name Matthew is “gift of God,” and indeed he is. His warmth, kindness and gentle spirit comforted me in my time of need. When I was on my way to surgery, after learning that I was a pastor, Mathew said, “I will say a prayer for you.” This meant the world to me; his great care got me through the day.

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My stay was less than 24 hours, but the impact the staff had on me will be with me forever. Although these are nurses by profession, they exemplified a spirit beyond their duties. 

We often think of angels in a white robe with wings, but most of God’s angels are here on Earth dressed as ordinary people. They arrive when we need them most and spread God’s love to humanity. Who are the angels in your life? Please share with us.

Lord, thank you for the people who come into our lives as Your messengers of comfort and grace.

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