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Angels from Eggshells

Beth Ann Magnuson creates angels from eggshells.

Angels carved on eggshells.

Beth Ann Magnuson, of Bishop Hill, Illinois, transforms eggshells into works of lacelike wonder. She calls the eggs she works with “nature’s best planned packaging.”

For the Easter cover of Angels on Earth (March/April 2017), Beth created this delicate angel on a goose egg, which she sent us so carefully packaged to shoot in our own office studio. Same for the intricate Easter cross we featured on our back cover.

Angel on eggshell for Angels on Earth magazine

Our hands aren’t as deft at handling such pieces. After getting just the shot we wanted, tilted at the perfect angle to showcase the light filtering through the ornate pattern, the angel egg crumbled into a million pieces. Not on its own, but we won’t reveal which of us had butter fingers.

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On hard days when it feels like everything is crumbling around me, I’ll pull out this very cover and be assured that angels are nearby to help me put the pieces back together. 

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