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Angels Are Proof of God’s Love

My colleague’s eyebrows shot up. “Angels?” he said. “I wouldn’t publish anything on angels.”

I was introducing myself to a colleague in the publishing business yesterday, when he took me by surprise.

“I’m editor-in-chief of an angels magazine,” I told him, Angels on Earth.”

His eyebrows shot up. “Angels?” he said. “I wouldn’t publish anything on angels. It’s the most polarizing topic for people of faith!” Then he likened talking about angels to bringing up politics at a dinner party, a no-no I understood. But angels? Polarizing? Really?

I explained that Angels on Earth presents true stories about God’s heavenly angels and humans who have played angelic roles on earth. “The stories come from our readers,” I said. “To me, they’re earth angels themselves! They share their personal stories to inspire and reassure others that angels are ever present and we are never alone.”

Then I got brave. “A stray animal or beloved pet, a strain of music, a warm breeze or a sky full of stars—we’ve seen messengers of all kinds in the stories sent in. Angels guide and protect us, for sure, but they also inspire us, or simply illuminate moments of beauty. The more subtle the evidence of God’s presence, the more powerful the story for me, personally. It reminds me to look for him everywhere. Literally everywhere!”

I know, I was lecturing. I hushed and smiled devilishly. My colleague was polite. But to me, angels are proof of God’s power, his love, and his infinite imagination. The most unifying topic for people of faith, if you ask me. What do you think?

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