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An Angel to Catch Her

That New Year’s Eve, one woman’s guardian angel was closer than she knew.

An Angel to Catch Her

“I have talked to my guardian angel for over 50 years,” says Patricia Rousseau. “I feel so safe, knowing that she is always right by my side.”

One New Year’s Eve, Pat was more than glad that her guardian angel was so close. Her daughter was catering a holiday dinner for senior citizens at their residence, and Pat had volunteered to help.

“We were serving individual salads to the guests when I caught my foot on the leg of a chair and fell on my back,” says Pat.  Three plates of salad flew up in the air, and fell on some of the guests.  Several residents cried out in shock, but quickly their concern was more for Pat than the scattered lettuce.  Pat immediately got up from the floor. She had no pain at all. 

“I cleaned up the mess, continued serving the entire meal and never once felt an ache or pain,” she recalls.

As she continued serving and smiling away the residents’ worry, Pat kept thinking about the fall.  How was it that she landed on a hard floor, but it felt so soft?  Like cloud or a pillow, or perhaps a pair of wings. Suddenly Pat knew how she had escaped injury. 

“It was my guardian angel who cushioned my fall that night,” she says. “I feel very blessed that she made an appearance to me on New Year’s Eve.”


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