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An Angel on the Phone

Guideposts blogger Colleen Hughes relates the story of a mysterious phone call on behalf of God.

An angel on the phone does work for God.

Chris Condon wrote in to us recently at Angels on Earth, when she found herself right where she needed to be.

She’d left her desk at the Clerk of Courts office in Chardon, Ohio, so a coworker picked up the ringing telephone for her. “You got a weird call while you were away,” the coworker reported. “An elderly lady asking if she’d reached the prayer line. I told her she’d dialed the wrong number.”

Chris wondered if the caller was possibly someone from church, someone who knew that Chris was on the prayer chain list and got her work number from the church directory. She checked the “received calls” list on her phone and called the lady back.

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The lady wasn’t from Chris’s church. In fact, Chris didn’t know her at all. But still, Chris was glad to take her prayer request, pray for her and pass the request on to the chain. The lady was most grateful, saying she’d just felt very down lately. “The cold and snow and lack of sunshine most likely has something to do with it,” Chris ventured.

“True,” the elderly lady said. And they talked some more, even laughed a bit.

“I’d like to read you something I have taped to my computer,” Chris said. “Be still. Can you hear Him telling you to rest? He will take care of you. Just give Him your cares; He will let you rest.”

The lady really liked the message. Chris could tell she was smiling and feeling better already.

“It’s so amazing that God puts you right where He needs you to be,” Chris told us, “in this case, to lift someone up so she knows He is with her. And to let me know that I am important and have a place to be–for Him! I’m so glad I was listening when He called.”

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