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7 Soldier Stories About Miraculous Protection

A mysterious voice, an answered prayer, a strange dream—these soldiers had heavenly protection.

A soldier walking at sunset telling a soldier story

Soldier stories abound with acts of courage and camaraderie. Men and women stand together and protect each other through unimaginable trials. Yet sometimes even the bravest soldier needs a helping hand from above. Whether it is a near-death experience or a prophetic dream, these stories show us how miracles can happen on the battlefield and after. Here are 7 soldier stories about brave men and women who received heavenly protection.

A Soldier’s Near-Death Experience

When veteran Glenn Brymer was stationed in West Germany, he was nearly killed in an accident during a military drill. On the clock to save his life, Glenn describes how he reached out to God during the moment he needed Him most. See what Glenn saw in this illustrated story which captures the unforgettable near-death experience that transformed his life.

Two Words That Saved a Solider

Two little words changed LethaJoy Martin’s family forever. It happened in 1944 when her dad was just 20 years old, stationed in the South Pacific. Meanwhile, back in Baltimore, her grandpop was sitting by her grandmom’s hospital bed. She had breast cancer and was recovering from surgery, drifting in and out of consciousness. Her grandpop was flipping through the newspaper that day, skimming the war headlines, when her grandmom suddenly sat up in bed, her eyes wild. Learn about the two words that LethaJoy’s grandmom shouted from her bed, and the effect it had thousands of miles away.

A Strange Dream About His POW Friend

Joe O’Brien’s friend, Sammy, was a lieutenant colonel and fighter pilot with the Kuwait Air Force. After an airstrike, Sammy’s plane was shot down. He was alive, but he was being held prisoner. Joe didn’t know what would happen to Sammy next or whether he’d even make it out. Joe switched on the news to try to get some more information. There weren’t any further updates, so Joe decided to go to bed. He tossed and turned for a while. Eventually, he fell asleep—and had the strangest, most realistic dream. Read about the strange dream Joe had and how it connected him with Sammy.

Christmas Angels Watched Over Her in Iraq

Archangels. That was the “handle” for the Army company of Delace Canada’s daughter, Ember. She and her fellow soldiers were combat medics; that is, they were charged with treating their brothers- and sisters-in-arms on the front lines. In 2008, the Archangels deployed to Camp Echo, Iraq. A few months in, Delace got a newsletter from the family readiness group. Would any of them like to contribute to the Christmas box they were sending the 70 company members for Christmas? Delace knew exactly what to do. See what Delace added to the Christmas box and the comfort it brought to the Archangels during a dangerous mission.

An Answered Prayer for a Military Chaplain

Larry Toney was a chaplain in the U.S. Army Reserve and living a quiet if busy life as a pastor at a church in Pennsylvania when he was called into service after 9/11. He was assigned to the Green Berets, among the most elite soldiers in the world, the kind that completed the most dangerous missions on the front lines. He remembered the words of one of his seminary professors: “Your job as future pastors is to keep your heads when everyone else around you is losing theirs.” It was Larry’s duty to be a voice of reassurance. But how could he reassure anyone when he was terrified? Read about Larry’s prayer for courage and the angelic being that soothed his fears.

A Special Animal Saves an Army Veteran

Josh Marino sat on cold cement steps behind the Army barracks one night, staring out into the darkness. Rain soaked through his pants, but he didn’t care. The only light came from the glow of his cigarette—his last. Back in his room there was a knife on the bedside table and a suicide note on his computer screen. He hoped that whoever read it first would understand why he had done what he planned to do. As he took the last drag of his cigarette, he heard a sound. Learn about the sweet animal that saved Josh’s life and the miraculous way they found each other.

A Soldier Tale from WWII

Jim Matis was a natural storyteller. He loved regaling his friends with tales, drawing them in with quick jokes and easy conversation. His favorite stories were about his time in World War II. Like so many young men of his generation, he’d enlisted in the Army after the attack on Pearl Harbor and shipped out to Europe. Then, on his 80th birthday, Jim told his family a story he’d never told before—about a strange injury he sustained during a battle. Read about Jim’s soldier story and how it changed his faith.

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