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The Pain of Being the Potter’s Clay

Why living with a healthy diet and exercise is worth it in the long run.

As I continue to train for running in a 10K scheduled for this fall, the pain I often experience during the first mile that I run never seems to improve. I would like to say that it gets easier each time I run, but the truth is—it doesn’t. 

Some days when I run, I feel like lead weight, even though I’ve stretch thoroughly and warmed up; however, I persevere through the pain that I feel in my legs and joints and keep on running anyway. The gratitude of accomplishing the goal of running keeps me motivated to continue each time I run.

Thanks to the leadership and encouragement of the “Dream Team” I have completely transformed my life. But the transformation did not come without a little pain. Let’s face it, for someone who had hardly worked out in 20 years, I certainly expected to experience some pain. Even simple workouts in the beginning caused a little soreness, then, just as I began to get a handle on the workouts and not hurt so much, my trainings would need to increase. Once again I would experience a little pain.

It wasn’t just the pain from exercising that I experienced. I also had the pain of giving up those favorite fattening foods, except for the special occasions when I can have something in moderation. Additionally, I had to give up what I thought was an easier life with easier ways to cook.

No longer do I prepare the quick and easy prepackaged meals or fast foods that I thought made my life so much easier. I now bake and broil meats and cut up vegetables to steam, bake, or broil. And now, rather than sitting and watching The Biggest Loser, I run on my treadmill and do sit ups while watching my favorite program.

Just as the story of the Master Potter and the clay, I feel that I am the clay that has been molded into a beautiful vessel. Yet, just as the clay had to endure the pain of being pounded, patted, bent out of shape, and put through extreme heat, so I had to endure such pain—pain which included the pounding of weights as I increased my muscles and pain in my soles caused by the pounding on the pavement.

When it seems difficult and almost too much to handle, and you feel that you are being pounded, patted, and bent out of shape, remember that you are being molded into a beautiful vessel and the outcome is worth all the pain you will experience.

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