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How Recovery from Addiction Inspired a Life Calling

In our deepest, darkest struggles, it’s possible to find out who we are really meant to be.

Woman speaking to a support group

Several weeks ago, I attended an event in Harlem hosted by an organization that helps people battling addiction. After a 30-year career in advertising, its founder, Felicia, surrendered and admitted that she had been an addict for decades.

She is extremely grateful for her husband and children who stood by her during those difficult times. And it wasn’t until she got sober that she discovered her calling to help others battling the disease of addiction.

Felicia works and cares for those who live in the same neighborhood that she was born and raised in. Her heart is full of compassion, love and care for the hurting. They are men and women who never dreamed of becoming addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, but due to the twists and turns of life, found themselves fighting to break free.

In addition, Felicia helps at-risk youth who have great potential but are lacking in resources and support. She opens her office to all who need help; no one is rejected. 

Often, our calling reveals itself through life experiences—good and bad. If you are uncertain of your true purpose, look at what you have been through, what you have overcome. Most importantly, look within yourself.

I have met many individuals like Felicia who found their calling when overcoming their deepest struggles. In their giving of themselves, they continue to be renewed and restored to the person God always intended them to be.

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