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How Travel Opened Me Up to God’s Blessings

Mysterious Ways editor and Guideposts blogger Diana Aydin recently traveled to Ireland and Scotland. Here are some of the wonders that she discovered.

Guideposts blogger Diana Aydin shares some wonders she discovered on a trip to Ireland and Scotland.

It’s always hard to return to real life after vacation. For one thing, there aren’t nearly as many naptimes or ice cream breaks.

Thankfully, though, my craving for two gelatos a day has almost subsided completely, and I’m back in the swing of things at work after my trip to Ireland and Scotland. So I thought it was about time I shared some of the wonders I discovered abroad.


As you might remember, I received a number of signs telling me to “Go to Ireland!” I can’t tell you that anything life changing happened while I was in Dublin. I didn’t have a struck-by-lighting kind of life moment. But I did come back with a few things learned…

1.  The world is one crazy-beautiful place!
The highlands of Scotland, the Cliffs of Moher, a giant volcanic rock sitting in the middle of Edinburgh–God is so creative. You can see some of the highlights of my trip in the slideshow below.

2. Rest is so, so important.
Even God took a break, so why do we run ourselves haggard? On vacation, you’re forced to wander, explore and take a load off. And not rely on your phone 24/7! Maybe there’s a way to incorporate a little bit of that in the every day too.

3.  The best things in life can’t always be planned.
I love making itineraries and doing loads of research before vacation. This time around, I tried not to over plan (I didn’t even buy maps in advance!). My favorite moments on the trip were the things I didn’t have figured out ahead of time. Like an unexpected haunted tour of Edinburgh’s Old Town, stumbling upon Scotland’s secret book sculptures and just chatting with my sisters over pizza in Dublin.

4.  Home really is where the heart is!
There’s nothing like a vacation to make you appreciate home (and normal-sized toiletries). Even JFK airport was a welcome sight by the time my trip was over! It’s nice to realize you’re exactly where you belong.

5.  God is everywhere.
I noticed something interesting in my photos when I got home. In many of them, there was this almost ethereal light. It made me realize that God, like that beautiful light, shines on every corner of the world.

Check out my vacation photos below. Plus I’d love to know–what was the best vacation you ever took and what did you discover there?

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