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Robin Carlo: Listening Really Is Spiritual

Like daily prayer and weekly worship, attentiveness is a spiritual discipline.

I spent four days last week at Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, GA, where I am enrolled in a Spiritual Formation Certificate Program.

The classes, community and readings provided ample opportunity for me to reflect on the challenges and blessings of my resolution. One of the required texts discussed various spiritual practices. Along with the common practices of prayer, worship, fasting and self-examination, a chapter was dedicated to the practice of hospitality. 

Expecting to find advice on how to be a better hostess, I was surprised at the content of the pages. The chapter was devoted to attentiveness! I consumed the pages with interest and anticipation, learning that my resolution is more than just that. It can, and should be, part of my daily attempt to grow closer not only to those around me but to God. Like daily prayer and weekly worship, attentiveness is a spiritual discipline.

I’ve copied the following two quotes from the book into my journal as reminders of this:

“Be here; find Christ in the restless teenager, demanding parent, insensitive employer, dull preacher, lukewarm congregation…”—St. Benedict

“…create a hospitable space for whoever and whatever God sends into your lives now.”—Elizabeth Canham

—Robin Carlo

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