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Nose Above Water

When life’s waves are high and choppy, it’s the prayers of others that keep us afloat.

Prayer that keeps us afloat. Photo by Sezer66 for Thinkstock.

I’ve been in another part of the country for nearly three weeks, dealing with a family emergency. Andrew’s back home with the kids, several of whom are struggling mightily with my absence. He’s doing a great job, but it’s hard work.

“I feel like my nose is just barely above water,” he texted.

“I’m convinced that when the waves are high and choppy, it’s the prayers of others that push us up just enough to breathe,” I texted back.

I love the mental image of prayer pushing me up from beneath the dark and formless deep, lifting my nostrils to where the Spirit hovers over the waters. It’s the prayers of friends, family, and people I may never meet that invisibly buoy me so that I do not sink.

Today I’m praying for everyone who has ever prayed for me. It’s something I do from time to time, thanking the Lord for the pray-ers in my life and asking Him to lift them up so that their noses bob up above the waves when seas get rough or fear sets in.

I hope you never need that particular kind of support, but if you do, I’m praying for you.   

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