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A God-Sized Detour

When getting off track is a good thing

Fall pumpkins photographed by Judy Royal Glenn

My husband and I went to the mountains of north Georgia to photograph fall colors, pumpkins, scarecrows and waterfalls. We did not know what we would find, but I told my husband to look for these things.

As we travelled, the winding mountain roads on Blood Mountain, I was busy working on my photography on the computer. When my husband said something, I looked up to see a bunch of pumpkins scattered around on the top of rocks. I was so excited and asked him to stop.

The pumpkins were used as decorations on the outside of a local outfitter called Mountain Crossings at Walasi-yi. I asked one of the workers if she cared if I moved the pumpkins around to photograph them. She said they did not mind.

While I was out photographing the pumpkins, my husband wanted to make sure where we were, so he checked the directions on his iPad. We had already passed the waterfall we were looking for!

We headed back four miles and noticed a very large sign at the entrance to the waterfall. We had easily missed the sign because a tree had fallen in the middle of the road, and a crew was cleaning the debris. The detour had us focused on the road.

I viewed this as a God-sized detour. Just the night before my husband and I prayed the Lord would reveal to us what He wanted us to photograph.

The Lord is very gracious to me when I pray specifically about my photography. He is a loving God and cares very much about the things that matter to all of us.

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