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Jesus Fixes the Broken Pieces of Our Lives

A thoughtful gift is a heartfelt message that Jesus redeems our brokenness.

Angel Pendant is a heaven-sent gift.

But as for me, I know that my Redeemer lives, and he will stand upon the earth at last. Job 19:25 ( NLT)

I opened the small black box Aunt Joyce had mailed me and gasped. “Honey, look at this,” I said to my husband, Kevin. The pendant I held up to the light was crafted in two different colors of gold and was shaped like an angel. “What a lovely gift!”

Aunt Joyce had recently been cleaning out her jewelry box and came across the angel. It was a uniquely fashioned gift from a friend many years before. She told me, “Since you’re my angel, I feel you should have it.”

I wiped away happy tears as I thought of the miracle this gift represented. When I was fourteen, I lived with Aunt Joyce and Uncle Dwayne. They gave me a stable home during a rough patch in JesJeour broken nuclear family. At first Joyce, Dwayne, and I lived in harmony. But my teenage insecurities and my aunt’s ways soon clashed. When I returned home to my parents after only seven months, the feelings between Aunt Joyce and me were anything but angelic.

Over the decades, Jesus changed both our hearts. I grew up and acknowledged the world didn’t spin to please me, and Aunt Joyce softened. We became friends—good enough friends that she considered me her angel. Wow.

My favorite quality of Jesus is how He loves to take the broken places of our lives and fix them. But He doesn’t simply repair wounded souls. He mends and heals and makes them better than before. I believe the word for that is redeemer.

FAITH STEP: Find a drawing or painting of an angel. Thank Jesus that His power to redeem your brokenness is greater than every angelic force in the universe.

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