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Do You Demonstrate Selfless Grace?

This Mornings with Jesus contributor discovered a valuable lesson about sharing while birdwatching.


Don’t be selfish; don’t try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves. Philippians 2:3 (NLT)

My youngest daughter and her husband hung two bird feeders in their yard. Small birds like wrens, finches, and sparrows visited daily. Crows came, too, and tried to reach the seeds with their beaks, but they were too large.

As I visited her one day, my daughter felt pity for the crows, so she placed several pieces of bread on the deck. Two feathered friends came to investigate the moment she retreated into the house. One bird grabbed two chunks in its beak and then perched on the deck rail to swallow them. The second bird waited its turn and then did the same thing. That’s when the first bird behaved like a bully, using its beak to pry open the other bird’s beak and yank bread from its mouth. The word “selfish” came to mind as I watched the show. There was plenty of food for both, but one crow instinctually insisted on satisfying its own needs at the other’s expense. The second bird’s well-being meant nothing to the first.

Humans have a natural instinct toward selfishness, too, so Jesus came to show us a better way. He gave up His rights as God, became a servant, and died a criminal’s death on the cross for our well-being. He demonstrated selfless grace. I want to do the same by setting my own desires aside and looking out for others whose needs are greater than mine. I want to behave like Jesus rather than follow my instincts like the local crows.

Faith Step: Feed some birds today. As you do, ask Jesus to bring you an opportunity to selflessly share with a person in need.

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