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Chrissy Metz on Her Family Connection to Guideposts

Chrissy Metz, who contributed the cover story for our April 2019 issue, shares how her involvement with Guideposts feels like a bit of a homecoming.


Hi. I’m Chrissy Metz, star of a new feature film titled Breakthrough. So Breakthrough is my first feature film, leading—very exciting. But, of course, people know me as Kate Pearson from This is Us. It’s so funny that I’m even doing this shoot because Guideposts for me was something I grew up with. My grandmother always had it in her home, and I always read it. And even though as a kid you don’t really understand how it influences you, as an adult, those stories really meant a lot to me. And they were so inspirational and really rooted in love. And I just really enjoyed it. So it’s really nostalgic to be doing this, and like a little nod to my grandma.  

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