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Witnessing Heaven – Join the Series

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True Stories of Transformation from Near-Death Experiences

Join the extraordinary Witnessing Heaven series and take an unforgettable journey through the stories of real people, just like you, who took a miraculous journey to heaven and back.  Read a FREE excerpt.

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Witnessing Heaven – Nonfiction Series

In this series, you’ll find:

The Bible describes heaven as a spectacular place filled with love, joy and wonder. In this new series, Witnessing Heaven, you can read the true stories of those who have journeyed there and come back.

These remarkable eyewitness accounts tell of encounters with loved ones in heaven who share deeply profound messages. Other stories reveal how “dying” changed these everyday people and taught them to live life with more happiness and a stronger desire to make each day about the glory of God. Their stories are unforgettable and will draw you closer to God.

You will be inspired by their amazing stories of hope and splendor of what they’ve seen, who they met, and how it changed their lives here on earth. You will gain a deeper understanding of what awaits you in heaven. You will discover what every living person needs to know about heaven and the life that awaits you after death.

Along with each unforgettable story you’ll find uplifting Scripture verses that remind you of God’s promise of heaven, scientific research and ground-breaking studies of near-death experiences that reassure that heaven is absolutely real and death is not the end. You’ll see how “dying” has taught some to live life with more joy and a desire to make each day more about the magnificence of God. Receive heartening answers about who is waiting for us in heaven.  

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