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Witnessing Heaven Book 11: Glimpses of Eternity

Discover the heavenly in “Glimpses of Eternity.” True accounts of near-death experiences unveil the glorious home God has prepared for us beyond Earth. Strengthen your faith and anticipate your eternal dwelling place.


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Glimpses of Eternity, is the 11th book in the Witnessing Heaven nonfiction series.

The well-known phrase “home is where the heart is” is often quite true. Our homes and families are where many of us feel the most comfort and love. Still, Christians know that ultimately, home is not a physical place on Earth but rather the eternal home God has prepared for us in heaven. And a wondrous home it is!

In Glimpses of Eternity, read the extraordinary true accounts of people who visited heaven during their near-death experience. In each story, vivid details of this glorious place are revealed and recounted through the experiences of those who were blessed with a glimpse into the remarkable truth about our ultimate home.

Let the reassurance in Glimpses of Eternity strengthen your faith and fill your spirit with expectation for the future eternal dwelling place of your heart.

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