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Witnessing Heaven Book 13: Embraced by Heaven

Embraced by Heaven unveils the breathtaking beauty of a place described in the Bible—a realm of peace, joy, and divine light. Explore heavenly wonders through near-death experiences, renewing faith in God’s glorious embrace. No hunger, pain, or tears; just righteousness, justice, health, and love await.


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Embraced by Heaven, is book 13 in the Witnessing Heaven nonfiction series.

The Bible contains numerous descriptions of the beauty of heaven. It portrays a magnificent place filled with peace and joy, a place where there is no hunger, thirst, pain, or tears. A place where the light of God provides sublime illumination. A place of righteousness, justice, health, and love.

It is hard for those of us who have not witnessed heaven to even begin to comprehend the splendor of this place. We can gain a glimpse, however, through the stories of people who have had near-death experiences, such as those featured in Embraced by Heaven. We hope the stories of their amazing divine encounters will renew your faith in God as you await the glorious embrace of heaven.

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