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Wildfire – Mysteries of Silver Peak Series – Book 4


When Sadie and her friend, Virginia, research the old, one-room schoolhouse for a fundraiser, they discover that it may have a mystery of its own! As Virginia excitedly calls Sadie about a crucial piece of evidence concerning the schoolhouse, their call suddenly ends. Is there someone who doesn’t want anyone to know the truth behind the building, and if so, why? Join Sadie and the community of Silver Peak on a cozy adventure full of mystique, faith, and friendship!


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About the Book

Sadie Speers’s friend Virginia asks her to help research the history of Silver Peak’s first schoolhouse for a presentation at a fund-raiser. The historic one-room structure dated back to the early days of the mining town’s boom years but was destroyed by a fire in 1964. The authorities deemed it an accident, but Virginia isn’t so sure. She calls Sadie one evening, eager to report on a tantalizing piece of information that she’s found. But before she can tell Sadie what she’s learned, the call abruptly ends.

Sadie is shocked to learn that someone intentionally ran Virginia off the road. Had she gotten too close to the truth? While Virginia is hospitalized, Sadie turns up cryptic evidence that supports her friend’s arson theory. Can Sadie uncover the truth before history reignites in a shocking collision of past and present?

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