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Whistle Stop Café Mysteries Book 10: That’s My Baby

Sadie’s doll holds secrets. An anonymous email sparks a journey to uncover family mysteries, leading Janet & Debbie into a web of intrigue.


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That’s My Baby, is book number ten in the Whistle Stop Café Mysteries fiction series.

When Sadie Flaherty, owner of the doll hospital That’s My Baby, bursts into the Whistle Stop Café, Janet Shaw and Debbie Albright are alarmed by their friend’s frantic state. Sadie tells them she has received an anonymous email about her inherited World War II rag doll and the secrets it carries. When she opened the doll, Sadie discovered a stunning emerald brooch hidden inside! Who sent the email? What secrets are they threatening to reveal? And how did Sadie’s late great-aunt obtain such a valuable treasure? Sadie begs Janet and Debbie to help her discover the truth about her family. Since most of Sadie’s relatives who could answer their questions have passed on, Janet and Debbie will have to get creative. As they investigate both past and present-day mysteries, will they learn that maybe some secrets should stay under wraps?

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