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Savannah Secrets – Whispering Bells – Book 4

Author: Shirley Raye Raymond


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Whispering Bells is the 4th book in the Savannah Secrets cozy-mystery series. 

Pastor Ed Markham calls Magnolia Investigations and asks Julia Foley, along with her partner, Meredith Bellefontaine, to meet him at the estate of one of Savannah’s oldest and most beloved citizens. At first, Julia thinks he just wants help in choosing sheet music to take to Miss Dicey at her nursing-home residence. However, upon Meredith’s and Julia’s arrival at the estate, Pastor Ed shows them an old ledger he found in a secret hiding place in the parlor. Julia’s curiosity is piqued when she reads the mysterious notations in the old ledger that dates back to the establishment of the first Savannah colony. Questions abound. Did the famed circuit preacher John Wesley really discover a treasure? If so, what was it? And what happened to it?

The mystery intensifies when someone breaks into Pastor Markham’s church and steals the ledger. Soon Julia and Meredith are attempting to solve both a historic mystery and a modern-day theft. As they narrow their list of suspects—relying on assistance from their friend Maggie Lu—Julia realizes once again that the most valuable treasures are not those that can be held in one’s hand, but felt within the heart.

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