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When There’s a Will – Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries – Book 11


Following the death of Seth’s Uncle Silas, the Miller family is spending time mourning the loss of a loved one. Meanwhile, Levi is relieved to hear that he will inherit land from Silas, but will the arrival of a shady developer—coinciding with the disappearance of the deed to Silas’s land—threaten Levi’s ownership of the property? As always, Cheryl and her friends from Sugarcreek are on the case!


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About When There’s a Will- Book 11 – Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries

When Cheryl pays a visit to Naomi at the Miller farm, she learns that Seth’s uncle Silas has just passed away. The whole family is upset, especially Levi, who has been saving up to buy land from his uncle. Levi is relieved to find that he has been given the land in Silas’s will, but there is one big problem: the deed has gone missing. Without it, the land and house will be seized by the state and sold—most likely to the shady developer who wants to build a prison there and knows a whole lot more about the land than he should. Can Cheryl help Levi track down the deed and claim his inheritance before it’s too late?

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