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When Lightning Strikes – Mysteries of Silver Peak Series – Book 14


After lightning damages a tree near a shelter built by Sadie’s late husband, T.R., Sadie comes across an old tin with an intricate ring and a love poem inside. Could it be that T.R. had meant for these items to be found by Sadie, and if so, why were they stashed near T.R.’s favorite fishing spot? Meanwhile, Theo’s friend becomes the subject of an embarrassing social media campaign; can Theo find the culprit and restore his friend’s reputation? As always, mysteries are abounding in Silver Peak!


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About The Book

It’s a peaceful day of horseback riding for Sadie, her daughter, and her grandchildren, until a squall sends them scurrying to a rustic shelter built by her late husband, T.R. When lightning damages a nearby tree, it reveals a long-kept secret—a rusty old tin with an ornate ring and a handwritten love poem hidden inside. The discovery sets Sadie on a journey of remembrance and reflection of a pivotal moment as she tries to understand how the objects got in the tree, so near T.R.’s favorite fishing spot. If T.R. had meant them for her, why had he stashed them there? Meanwhile, at prom, one of Theo’s friends becomes the victim of an embarrassing social media smear campaign, so he sets off on his own investigation to discover who was behind the cruel prank and bring the culprit to justice.

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