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Turning the Tables- Tearoom Mysteries – Book 21

The tables are turned when State Trooper Dan Benson seeks Elaine and Jan’s unofficial help with a baffling case. Dan learns that his best friend, Alex, has been accused of embezzlement and removed from his position as CEO. Dan is certain Alex is innocent, but his superiors seem all too eager to close the book on the case. Hoping to uncover the truth, Elaine volunteers to help Dan figure out who really stole the money.

But can Elaine find the answers before its too late?


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Mix together one stately Victorian home, a charming lakeside town in Maine, and two adventurous cousins with a passion for tea and hospitality. Add a large scoop of intriguing mystery and sprinkle generously with faith, family, and friends, and you have the recipe for Tearoom Mysteries.

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