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Things Unseen – Mysteries of Silver Peak Series – Book 20


When Sadie leaves her shop momentarily to help Luz at her coffee shop next door, Sadie’s deposit bag mysteriously disappears from the Antique Mine! What happened to the money, and could its disappearance have anything to do with the late stragglers in Sadie’s shop—as well as the unexplained sound she heard after hours? Simultaneously, Sadie discovers a false bottom in an antique armoire that she is restoring for a client! What secrets could the hidden compartment reveal?


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About The Book

At the end of a busy, satisfying day at the Antique Mine, Sadie Speers tallies her sales and sets down her deposit bag down as a few latecomers trickle in to her shop. She stops for a moment to help Luz, owner of Arbuckle’s, the coffee shop next door, as she waits for the stragglers to finish their browsing. But when everyone leaves, she discovers that the deposit bag has disappeared! Who stole it? And what was that strange sound she heard in her shop after everyone had left?

As she tries to figure out who is behind the deposit bag’s disappearance, Sadie begins to restore an antique armoire brought to her by a customer. When she finds a false bottom in one of the drawers that holds a carefully wrapped secret, Sadie is faced with another intriguing mystery.

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