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The Calico Trail – Patchwork Mysteries – Book 22


Maggie has just inherited several items to sell at her store from her Great Aunt Myrna, including what appear to be pioneering quilts. However, when one of the quilts is compared to the letters Maggie’s ancestors wrote home while moving west, the narratives don’t match up. Did Maggie’s ancestors lie about their adventures, and if so, what were they trying to cover up? Read on in this clean, cozy mystery from the award-winning Kristin Eckhardt!


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The Calico Trail is the 22nd book in the Patchwork Mysteries fiction series.

When Sarah’s daughter-in-law Maggie inherits several items to sell her store from her Great Aunt Myrna, Sarah is thrilled to see several quilts in the mix. She’s especially interested in one that she recognizes as a pioneer quilt. Sarah explains to Maggie and the twins that this kind of quilt was used by women on the Oregon Trail to recount stories of moving out West in covered wagons. This is good n ews for the twins because their final project for history class is to do a family tree and tell a unique story about one of their ancestors. But when they compare the antique quilt to the letters their relatives wrote home, they discover the pioneers took a different path across the country than the one they recorded in the quilt. So which version is correct? And why would Maggie’s ancestors lie about their journey? What were they trying to hide?

About the Author

Kristin Eckhardt is the author of more than thirty books, including eight books for Guideposts’ Mysteries of Sparrow Island and Home to Heather Creek series. She’s won two national awards for her writing, and her first book was made into a TV movie. Kristin and her husband raised three children on their farm in central Nebraska and are active in their church community.

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