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Tea is for Treasure – Tearoom Mysteries – Book 8

When Elaine and Jan unexpectedly receive a beautiful white china teapot, they find a mysterious map and poem inside that supposedly lead to a hidden treasure! However, when Nigel Fox is injured and delivers a warning to the cousins, they begin to wonder if this profound encounter is related to the treasure. At the same time, Elaine and Jan put the clues together about the sapphire ring they found in the walls of their tearoom. What will this puzzle divulge about the ring? What stories will history have to tell?


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As the first harbingers of spring reach the tearoom, so does an unexpected package. When the cousins open it, they discover a beautiful white china teapot with a lovely floral design. But it is what’s inside that really captures Elaine’s and Jan’s imagination: a hand-drawn map and cryptic poem giving clues to a hidden treasure.
The intrigue only deepens when Archie Bentham’s friend Nigel Fox stumbles into the tearoom with a gash on his forehead and a warning for them. Could his arrival be connected to the map and poem? Soon other would be treasure hunters arrive, and the sleuthing cousins are
determined to not only find the treasure but also get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding it.
Meanwhile, as Elaine and Jan piece together the last of the clues they’ve collected about the antique sapphire ring, they discover that its story is even more intriguing than they suspected.

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