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Stamp of Approval – Mysteries of Lancaster County – Book 5

Author: Anne Marie Rodgers


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Stamp of Approval is the 5th book in the Mysteries of Lancaster County mystery fiction series.

As summer arrives, Mary and her sisters, Elizabeth and Martha, are enveloped in mystery after a customer inadvertently leaves a valuable stamp in a drawer of a piece of furniture she had sold to Secondhand Blessings. When the drawer breaks, spilling its contents across the floor, the stamp—a famed Inverted Jenny—vanishes. Three customers who helped Mary pick up the spilled contents of the drawer are the most obvious suspects. But which of the three would have recognized the vintage stamp as a valuable collector’s item and made off with it? Meanwhile, the sisters prepare for the arrival of their aunts and uncles for a long overdue family reunion. Elizabeth is determined to make their visit memorable, even when it includes inconveniencing her sisters. Martha decides to tweak Ruth Zook’s prized coffee cake recipe and enter it in a baking contest, and soon the old Classen farmhouse is overflowing with more coffee cake than they can possibly eat. As if they don’t have enough going on, the three sisters work together to create a milkweed preserve for the monarch butterflies who come to Bird-in-Hand each summer.

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