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Spiritual Remedies

Spiritual Remedies will heal your soul with the power of prayer and faith. This brand-new book relieves 35 conditions using the combined wisdom of spiritual experts with dozens of useful, quick-to-apply spiritual tips. Reconnect with God and lift your spirits during any kind of health challenge you may face.

3 FREE booklets with purchase! Get additional quick and easy ways to relax, lift your spirits, and reconnect with God.


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About Spiritual Remedies

You’ll turn to Spiritual Remedies again and again as a source of inspiration, hands-on help, all while relaxing your mind. You’ll read uplifting true accounts of answered prayers by meeting everyday people who’ve tackled physical and emotional pain. Hundreds of expert tips are placed throughout the book—each is precise, positive, and practical.Preview  Spiritual Remedies Free! Click here.

Relieve dozens of conditions with Spiritual Remedies!

The faith-filled remedies will relieve a variety of conditions and help you deal with issues such as Anxiety using powerful faith-based techniques. Spiritual Remedies will also show you methods to help you to cope with other common issues such as financial problems, divorce, weight problems, and many more.

 Whatever you’re struggling with, God is in it with you. You’ll see how God hears your prayers and sends His help in times of trouble.

 Are you experiencing jealousy or anger? Spiritual Remedies will help purge negative feelings with the prayer partner on page 167. Does a family member have a terminal illness? Unburden your soul with the Scripture on page 52. Have you suffered a catastrophic event? Then take heart in the pastoral affirmation that “God is still in control.”

 Science proves the power of prayer, David B. Larson, M.D., former president of the National Institute of Healthcare Research, stated that people who have a deep commitment to religion may be uniquely equipped to handle pressure.



And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise Him up. If He have sinned, He will be forgiven.

—James 5: 15 (NIV)

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