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Secrets From Grandma’s Attic Book 13: A Royal Tea

Join Tracy Doyle on a captivating journey through secrets and intrigue as she organizes a city-wide tea party to support war-torn Moravina. But as the event grows, the missing sugar bowl and mysterious clues from Grandma Pearl’s past unravel a thrilling tale. Uncover the truth in this heartwarming story of love, sacrifice, and hidden connections


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A Royal Tea is book #13 in the Secrets of Grandma’s Attic fiction series.

To support the widows and orphans of the war-torn Eastern European country of Moravina, the ladies of Canton decide to host a city-wide tea party. Tracy Doyle, along with some help, is able to convince those in town to sponsor tables specifically catered to their businesses. Tracy and her family even decide they should form a table themed around Grandma Pearl! But as the event gets bigger and bigger, things start to snowball out of Tracy’s control. And when Tracy searches the attic for her grandmother’s tea set, she realizes that not only is the sugar bowl missing but there are clues indicating that this may not be the first time the Allen family has helped those from Moravina. Can Tracy unlock yet another secret from Grandma Pearl’s past?

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