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Savannah Secrets – Seasons Meetings – Book 8

Author: Anne Marie Rodgers


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Seasons Meetings is the 8th book in the Savannah Secrets cozy-mystery series.

Christmas in Savannah offers a wealth of holiday traditions, including an annual tour of historic homes. As they make their rounds through the homes on the circuit, Julia and Meredith meet Cora Chisholm, a wealthy Savannah matron who is in need of their services. Hidden in the pages of Cora’s late mother’s Bible is an old newspaper photograph of five children from a rural neighboring county who were sold during the Great Depression. Why would Cora’s mother keep this photograph? What is her connection to these children? As the partners struggle to piece together the truth, they discover some shocking revelations.

Meanwhile, it’s a busy holiday season for Meredith and Julia as they handle smaller cases that have landed on their laps. While Meredith tracks down the truth about a worker’s injury, Julia is doing her best to avoid an old friend who has come knocking on their door. Does she really need Julia’s help, or is there another reason for her unexpected visit?

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