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The Price of Truth – Patchwork Mysteries – Book 20


When Sarah’s daughter, Maggie, asks Sarah to come with her to an auction to bid on a quilt initially made for a Maple Hill family, Sarah is delighted. However, after becoming skeptical of the legitimacy of the quilt, she also notices that other quilts are selling for far more than they’re worth. What is the truth behind this auction? Meanwhile, Sarah must show Maggie and her friend, Nicole, the value of true love. With the fate of a romance hanging in the balance, will Sarah be successful or is she trying to ignite a passion that never existed to begin with?


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The Price of Truth is the 20th book in the Patchwork Mysteries fiction series.

Sarah’s daughter-in-law Maggie is going to an antiques auction in Boston with her friend Nicole, who is visiting from California. Irene Stuart of the Historical society asks Sarah to tag along to bid on a quilt made for one of the early families of Maple Hill. Sarah is excited to spend the week with her daughter-in-law, but when Sarah arrives, she is surprised to find that the historic quilt may not be authentic. As she tries to verify its age, she notices something fishy going on at the auction. Quilts are being sold for far more than their value—and no one seems to realize it. What’s driving up the prices? Can she figure out what’s really going on before the Maple Hill Quilt comes under the gavel? Meanwhile, Nicole opens up about her troubled marriage, and Sarah encourages both of the younger women to cherish their relationships. But will the price of the truth be to high?

About the Author

Camy grew up in Hawaii and now lives in San Jose, California, with her engineer husband and rambunctious dog, Snickers. She graduated from Stanford University and worked and a biologist researcher for nine years, but now she writes fulltime. She is a staff worker for her church youth group, and she leads one of the worship teams for Sunday service. On her blog,, she ponders knitting, spinning wool, dogs, running, the Never-Ending diet and other tantalizing things.

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