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Plain Beauty – Mysteries of Lancaster County – Book 6

Author: Leslie Gould


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Plain Beauty is the 6th book in the Mysteries of Lancaster County mystery fiction series.

When a little Amish boy in Bird-in-Hand is diagnosed with leukemia, the Plain community rallies around him—as do Martha, Mary, and Elizabeth, and Secondhand Blessings becomes a staging area to gather donated goods for a fund-raising auction. The little boy’s grandfather, Alvin Miller, donates a racehorse he recently acquired, along with a valuable saddle, to the cause. But when Alvin’s stable is set on fire and both the horse and saddle disappear, Martha and her sisters are thrust into solving a mystery that follows horse dealers and trainers from Virginia to Pennsylvania to Maryland.

Meanwhile, Martha gets disturbing news from her family in Kansas. Her own granddaughter, Celeste, has fallen ill. Will the mystery behind the fire and the disappearance of Alvin’s prize horse remain unsolved while Martha tends to the needs of her faraway family?

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