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O Little Town of Sugarcreek – Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries – Book 5


Cheryl’s Christmas is off to a rather profound start… Her ex-fiancé has returned into her life and attempts to propose again! But when his engagement ring, in addition to Cheryl’s aunt’s heirloom, is stolen, marriage is no longer the first thought on anyone’s mind. Additionally, the Millers’ daughter, Sarah, has returned to Sugarcreek… But will her return contribute to or destroy the family’s Christmas cheer? Find out in O Little Town of Sugarcreek, a cozy holiday story that will warm the cockles of any reader!


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About O Little Town of Sugarcreek – Book 5 – Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries

Christmastime has come to Sugarcreek, but the sleepy Ohio town is anything but calm. Cheryl Cooper expected a quiet holiday season, filled with new friends and new traditions. Instead, Lance Martin, her ex-fiancé shows up and proposes again! Then, one of her aunt’s heirlooms turns up missing, followed by the disappearance of the engagement ring Lance intended for her. When the Millers’ estranged daughter Sarah leaves her English husband and returns home, Cheryl finds herself wondering what more could happen to spoil her Christmas cheer? A lot, evidently. The town is turned upside down as it discovers there’s a thief in their midst. But when fingers are pointed at Levi Miller, Cheryl doesn’t want to believe her friend might be guilty. Can she find the real criminal in time to bring back the joy of her first Christmas in Sugarcreek

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