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Secrets From Grandma’s Attic Book 18: Nothing Gold Can Stay

Uncover family secrets with Amy in “River Dan.” A nostalgic journey sparked by a pirate-themed restaurant visit leads to a mysterious past, a stolen boat, and the enigmatic Violet Conway. Dive into Grandma Pearl’s diary, follow newspaper clues, and trace the echoes of a lost era. Will Amy unveil a treasure or a tragic tale aboard the River Dancer?


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Nothing Gold Can Stay is book #18 in the Secrets of Grandma’s Attic fiction series.

As Amy Allen and her children are leaving a new, pirate-themed restaurant, she spots a weathered board with familiar black letters spelling out River Dan. When she takes a closer look, she realizes the scrawl reminds her of the long-lost boat her grandparents owned. Someone “borrowed” the boat from them back in the fifties and never returned it. Amy is certain this broken sign must have come from River Dancer.

Grandma Pearl’s diary entries, newspaper clippings, and a Tiny Tears doll lead Amy and her sister, Tracy, on a search for information about Violet Conway, the woman who claimed to have found a pirate treasure map in 1953 and was last seen the day the boat disappeared. As Amy begins to search for Violet, she can’t help but wonder: Did Violet find the treasure and sail away, or are her fate and River Dancer’s intermixed in a more tragic way?

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