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Mysteries of Lancaster County Book 20: Not Her Type

Author: Beth Adams


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Not Her Type is the 20th book in the Mysteries of Lancaster County mystery fiction series.

When a vintage typewriter comes into the shop, Mary is delighted to take a closer look at such a fun treasure. As she unspools the ribbon cartridge, Mary finds a clue to a fifty-year-old mystery! With the help of her sisters, Elizabeth and Martha, Mary looks into the cold case and makes some unexpected discoveries. With a long list of suspects, the Classen sisters soon realize that someone desperately wants these long-buried secrets to remain hidden. Together, can they solve this long-forgotten case?

With Thanksgiving around the corner, Martha has taken on perhaps a little more than she can handle when it comes to baking for the Lancaster Community Thanksgiving Meal. But a surprising helper may be just what she needs to finish the pies in time. Meanwhile, the sisters’ loyal Border collie, Pal, faces a difficult diagnosis. Can they make the best and right decision for their mama’s beloved pup? Is it time to say goodbye to their dearest friend?

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